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Associate Producer

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17 Feb 2020

Three words to describe DTG

Cool, Fun, Machine

Hey! I'm Cat

I wanted to work in games since school; I picked up Skyrim and from there I changed career paths from wanting to be an illustrator to working in games. Dovetail helped me discover and understand the different teams in a games company. I have worked a couple of different jobs at Dovetail, working in Third Party, Licensing, and now in development as an Assistant Producer.

Dovetail has really helped me to progress, and every job I've had within the company had has given me valuable skills and experience that enhances my work today. I'm very lucky to be working with great people who have been supportive of me and my progression at this company.

The games industry can be intimidating for women to pursue careers in, but Dovetail has really set a high standard in accepting and mentoring women who want to work in this industry. I've not had a day here when I didn't want to go to work and I look forward to continuing my journey here.