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Chief Development Officer

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9 Sep 2013

Three words to describe DTG

Hobbyists, Efficient, Quality

Hey! I'm Rob

I was once described as one of the most extroverted introverts who wears his heart on his sleeve, which describes me very well. I'm a passionate person that drives for quality in everything we do, from developing talented people within the company, to delivering great simulation for our players.

I'm in the great position of running development and QA, which gives me the privilege of setting and driving the vision and quality for our simulations while keeping control of the overall studio budget. 

I'm a team leader and bring skills in decision making and the ability to help people and teams see what can be achieved with the talent we have within the studio and QA.

I used to be a scaffolder but one day fell when I was 80ft up on the scaffold (fortunately I caught myself after falling 15ft!). At that point I realised the job was way too dangerous so proceeded to get a job testing Speedball 2 on the Amiga a long time ago.

Outside of work, with 4 kids, they take up most of my time, but I have managed to fit in my love for West Ham Utd as well as throwing in some video game playing and socialising with some very good friends, plus the odd bit of running as I better try and keep fit.