Job Role

Head of QA & Localisation

Join Date

28 Jan 2019

Three words to describe DTG

Unique, Passionate, Caring

Hey! I'm Carla

I come from the multilingual island of Sardinia and have always had a soft spot for languages. I studied translation and interpreting in English, Spanish and Italian and “lost” my mother tongue after going for my year abroad in Spain. I now speak what I like to call Spangliano! 

After University, I went straight onto working as a Project Manager in a translation agency in central London. It didn’t take me long to start missing the countryside feeling and so moved to Medway and joined Dovetail where I work with a great team of games and language-passionate people. We make sure that all our games and marketing materials are translated correctly and that our translations work well for players all around the world. 

When I’m not at work, I enjoy training my confused bilingual pooch and try to keep up with the languages I’m not fluent in so that one day I may be able to do more than just socialising with French shopkeepers or asking Russian people where they’re from!