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Senior Community Manager

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7 Jun 2021

Three words to describe DTG

Crazy... in all the good ways.

Hey! I'm Benjamin

Hello there (insert Obi-Wan Kenobi meme).

I'm Benjamin or as I have become known Benjamin "The Beard" Symons and I am a Community Manager. This is my first time working in gaming and honestly, it's pretty awesome.

What I do here in my role is ever-changing but the simplest way to summarise it is that I am the conduit between our players and the team here and vice-versa. This involves creating and executing community initiatives, talking to our community via our various social channels, forums, articles, and live streams to strengthen our relationships with players to understand the way they feel about our games. I am then able to feedback critical information to our internal teams to help prioritise the areas of the game we should be focusing on improving. I love it because every day is an adventure!

One of the greatest things about Dovetail Games is how much they encourage people's talents to flourish outside of their core role and responsibilities. For example outside of work, I am a musician and composer (just type Benjamin Symons into Spotify - cheeky plug) within months of me starting I'd written the music for our latest fishing game Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and that has led to lots of exciting opportunities for me to explore my greatest passion in life, writing music.

Outside of work I compose music for films (or anyone who will have me, including YouTube legend, Internet Historian). I love movies, collecting vinyl, and pub gardens.