Join our team of talented 3D Artists


Our skilled team of 3D Artists build characters, vehicles and environments to create the realistic routes and lakes for our players to enjoy and explore.

Typical roles include

  • Environment Artist

    Create stunning and realistic locations within Unreal Engine 4 for our games across PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

    • Gather and piece together reference material to create real world locations
    • Create assets and use them economically and creatively to get the best out of visuals and performance
    • Plan tasks and milestones in an ever changing landscape
  • Vehicle Artist

    Create high quality rolling stock for our current and future games and their associated DLC.

    • Create 3D models and textures for assets and real-world manufactured vehicles
    • Use of 3DS Max, Substance Painter & Photoshop, as well as Unreal Engine 4

Why work for us?


We are growing fast and we have big ambitions to lead the way at the pinnacle of innovation. We are looking for individuals with the energy, drive and skill to craft a new generation of entertainment, across a multitude of gaming platforms. We would love to speak with talented people who take pride in a job well done and thrive in a positive environment, where ideas are celebrated, and everyone has a voice.




Make fabulous stuff

We are passionate about crafting high quality simulations that excite and engage both experienced and new players.


Enhance life

Our aim is to make software that enhances life. We don’t make games that are addictive, promote gambling, glorify violence or are discriminatory in any way. We would rather celebrate the human condition than devalue it.


Continuously improve

We work as one team, communicating frequently, openly and honestly in the knowledge that when we work together great things happen.


Walk tall

We are proud of who we are, and the entertainment we deliver to our customers around the world. We don’t work for Dovetail Games – we ARE Dovetail Games.

"The skills I bring to the role are hard work, flexibility, willingness to learn, and being passionate and knowledgeable about my craft."

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