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Lead Vehicle Artist

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10 May 2010

Three words to describe DTG

Passionate about hobbies

Hey! I'm Tom

I’m Tom, I like trains.

I’m the Lead Artist on the Trains franchise, overseeing the process of rail vehicle production, both internally within our team of artists and externally with our outsource partners.

Nothing gets done until I have a coffee in hand, from that point onward I could be dealing with just about anything. Reviews, art production, scheduling, design, meetings, play testing, contracts, interviews, research, you name it!

I've always been a keen gamer and that goes back as far as I can remember. Once I realised I could get paid to make these things I loved, there was nothing else I wanted to do. I have a passion for the subject matter, which makes even the toughest days feel worthwhile when we really get it right.

I'm surrounded by talented people who all strive to improve what they produce and that common drive for improvement bonds us as a team.

Outside of work I enjoy video games, movies, music, hiking, a bit of guitar here and there, all whilst keeping a five year old entertained.