Job Role

VP Commercial Operations

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19 Dec 2016

Three words to describe DTG

Friendly, Focused, Fun

Hey! I'm Lizzie

I'm a long-standing member of the games industry, who is optimistic, creative, ideas-orientated and (occasionally) quite loud!

I am VP of Commercial Operations and work with the multiple fantastic departments that release our products on PC and Console. They include the Trains and Fishing teams, Creative Services, Retail, Third Party, and our Dovetail Live team.

I knew I wanted to work in games, where the experience of 'play' could have such passionate impact. Gaming is completely unlike any other entertainment industry area, and it was always the one for me. My colleagues are smart, friendly specialists and it makes every day a new adventure - in all the right ways.

It's a place to get things done and know the great achievements of doing just that.

Outside of work I cross stitch rather aggressively and play PC, console, and board games of all types. I also try a little interactive fiction.