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Lead Artist

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2 Oct 2013

Three words to describe DTG

Great team work

Hey! I'm Jon

I oversee all of the art for the product. Ranging from planning the work for the team internally, and outsourcing any surplus work, all the way to reviewing and signing off (alongside the Art Director) any work that is ready for release. The skills I bring to the role are hard work, flexibility, willingness to learn, and being passionate and knowledgeable about my craft.  I enjoy video games in my free time a lot, most of which end up being on the competitive side, but I do also very much enjoy single player story driven experiences. The Last of Us and the new Tomb Raider reboot franchise being top of that pile. My University tutors influenced me greatly and helped me more than I can say. Outside of work I enjoy drinking/trying new whiskies, personal projects and watching TV.