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Junior Graphic Designer

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19 Sep 2018

Three words to describe DTG

Relaxed, Freindly, Innovative

Hey! I'm Jack

I'm into gaming quite a lot, which led me to this role. I make and create beautiful and cool looking designs for our games. It involves a lot of thinking and knowledge of the games brand and a lot of communication between each member of our department to get the best result possible. General passion and a desire for contributing to something that thousands of people will enjoy on a daily basis interested me in getting into the games industry. Games are an ever evolving platform of entertainment and I think it is something that will only get more popular over time, so to have my work displayed in an actual game is amazing. At Dovetail I enjoy how honest and open to feedback everyone is, they respect and appreciate my ideas (most of the time) and I am grateful for that. I consider myself quite the competitive person, especially with racing (cars, karts etc) - I don't get to do that enough but it is something I would like to do more of in the future.