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Graphic Designer

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19 Sep 2019

Three words to describe DTG

Friendly, Creative, Enjoyable

Hey! I'm Emma

My personal interest in video games was a big reason I wanted to get into the industry. This is the first “proper” job I had out of university where I studied Computer Animation Arts, but discovered my passions lay in the 2D side of creating rather than the 3D, and so decided to pursue a career in graphic design. Dovetail Games was the perfect job for me as it allows me to focus on the graphic design whilst not losing touch with the 3D side of things. My role involves creating graphics for social media and product releases, making key art for games, taking screenshots of the game, making infographics and posters and print ads, it varies a lot and is never boring. The things I enjoy the most would have to be the working environment, friendly atmosphere and amazing people at Dovetail Games.